*wears led zeppelin shirt to prom*

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REBLOG if your icon is actually you.



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Ok thanks for the tips!!! I'll definitely do that!

Glad to help! Good luck! :)

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Dang that's lucky!! My Crüe show is in October, when should I start looking back?

I’d check maybe two or three weeks before the concert, just to see if any VIP packages are still available at all. But even if you don’t see any then, you should still check about a week before the show, and just keep checking back for them. If tickets for your show are being sold on Ticketmaster, check the Resale tickets as well, that’s how I got mine! StubHub is a pretty good site, too. I got 4th row Bon Jovi tickets the same way too, they were originally all “sold out” but a few weeks before the concert they were released!

Mötley Crüe!!

Oh, about that post I made yesterday, yeah. I just got resale tickets on Ticketmaster. I don’t know what show you’re interested in going to, but you should keep checking the Livenation/Ticketmaster page for pit tickets, because in the few days before the show, if they don’t sell as VIP packages, they’ll be sold as regular tickets. Mine were resale, so it was about $250 a seat, but it’s a lot cheaper than the original $4,000 VIP package!

Immigrant Song // Led Zeppelin

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How did you get front row?!?!?!

For which concert?

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Happy Birthday Robert Anthony Plant! [08/20/1948]. 

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